Before First Steps to Success,  we were buried alive in debt, defeat and depression!  We had given up!   

6 short weeks later, we paid off $36,999!
In 1 year, we paid off $98,000!
And 3 1/2 years we paid off $180,000!

First Steps to Success helped us increase our income 30%!
Sizzling honeymoon fun and loving is back!
World travel has taken us to places we never dreamed about!


I decided to become an affiliate to market the tools that helped me and my family.  The same tools we use are available for you!

Something new can begin today!   

First Steps to Success – Put fun back into your life!  Learn what skills to master here!

Creating a Dynasty (must be qualified to attend)

War on Debt – the program we use to pay off our debt
Increase Income – programs used to increase your skills
Improve Communication – powerful programs for your and your children

Script Books for Sales – read your way to improved sales
Online Training Program – a vault of Dani Johnson business secrets she shares everything
Home Business Bundle – a bundle to get you started
Free 30 Day Boot-Camp – begin here


Daily Radio Show – daily feeding
Monday Night Strategy Call – weekly business instruction for you and your team
Spiritual Equipping – hump day refresher

                                                                                                                                                                                      One year later… 

Paid off over $98,000 = Restore Fun!
Keeping the Next Million = Restore Fun!
Making the Next Million Faster = Restore Fun!
Learning to LOVE = Restore Fun!
Investing  in Children = Restore Fun!
Restored Peace and Harmony in the home = Restore Fun!
Improved Health = Restore Fun!
Forgiveness Plan = Restore Fun!
Forever Learning = Restore Fun!


Diane L McCracken