Before attending  First Steps to Success,  we were buried alive in debt!  Working harder and harder and getting nowhere!  OUR SHIP WAS SINKING!


Skills we learned from First Steps to Success helped us PAY OFF DEBT!

Dani is our team business coach and trainer.  Dani and Hans Johnson have a proven track record of making millions, KEEPING MILLIONS, and getting MILLIONS to work for THEM.

Their  brilliant online training program has a free 30 day Boot Camp, plus a weekly team call. Daily Radio Show,  Monday Night Strategy Call and, my favorite one is Spiritual Equipping continue to be on our calendar.


                                                                                                                                                                                       One year later… 

Paid off over $98,000 = Restore Fun!
Keeping the Next Million = Restore Fun!
Making the Next Million Faster = Restore Fun!
Help others Make their First Million = Restore Fun!
Learning to LOVE = Restore Fun!
Investing  in Children = Restore Fun!
Restored Peace and Harmony in the home = Restore Fun!
Improved Health = Restore Fun!
Forgiveness Plan = Restore Fun!
Forever Learning = Restore Fun!

Three years later…

Paid off over $165,000 = FUN!


Diane L McCracken