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Before Discovering Dani Johnson, I had experienced serious burn out in a previous business and found myself working in a factory. I was the cleaning lady there working for minimum wage.

My husband was working two jobs and was totally burned out also. We were drowning in debt, gaining weight and stressed out. Life wasn’t fun anymore. It was hard to make ends meet and get all the bills pai

We were stuck and hopeless and lost our dreams!  We could never go on family vacations like we wanted to. 



We connected with Dani on FB, watched her videos on the website and finally went to

First Steps to Success Oct. 2010.


charged it

on a credit card.

     We left that event with a new hope and vision.

– We started War on Debt

– We started sharing it with other people.

– We immediately saved $500/mo on groceries.

– I was promoted at the factory now making a big whopping $17,000/year.

– So we sold our car

– Borrowed some money

– Started a home business on the side and generated $19,400 our first 30 days.

–  My kids started coming to events. It gave them purpose in their lives.

– They are thinking bigger and developing leadership skills.

– We have War on Debt Class in our community now.

– We have annihilated $31,000 in debt personally and helped friends pay off over $100,000.


I made my first 6 figure income ever in my life in 2011. My goal is to double that in 2012.

We are giving to orphans and we went on our first “real” vacation to a tropical place this year.  I don’t care if you don’t have the money. I didn’t either. You find a way like I did. Start sharing War on Debt and bringing people to events. Your life can change just like mine did if you are willing.  



 Thank you Capri Mulder for sharing!

May 2012, Capri was a guest speaker at Dani Johnson, First Steps to Success, Chicago, IL.

Her words were powerful, encouraging and motivating!

Reserve your seat at the next First Steps to Success! Invest in yourself, increase your value in the marketplace!

Many lives have been restored because you stepped up, plugged in, and invested in yourself Capri!  

98% of people will look at their current situation and declare, “I cannot because…” So sad that most people will talk themselves out of doing what you did,  they will not have what you have either!  

Blessings!  Looking forward to an update!

~ Diane L McCracken

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