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How does someone TRIPLE their INCOME so fast?


Chase Carroll attended a Dani Johnson First Steps to Success event in Orlando Florida in January 2012…

During the special Business portion, Dani drew circles and shared in detail how she went from a homeless cocktail waitress, living out of the trunk of her car, to making $2,000 in four days, $250,000 by the end of the year, and $1,000,000,000 the following year!

Chase was sitting on the edge of his seat, taking notes and  listening to every word!

Dani holds nothing back, she shares everything she did!  Chase caught it!  Every circle!  He did what 98% do not do!  He followed direction and went into massive action!

3 short months later in March, at the next FSTS in Los Angeles, Chase reported that he tripled his income!

In May, at the FSTS in Chicago, Chase had over 150 people with him!

Do you know someone that is in need of tripling their income, repairing relationships, and they would LOVE to be BEAMING like CHASE! invites you to invite them!

Share this post, rent a van, fill it with your friends and family, and bring them to the next Make attending your priority, because it will cost you more not to go!  Save with our group rate!  $375 for all 3 days! First Steps to Success, Dallas, January 26 – 28!

Proud of you Chase Carroll for showing us what can be done when dreams and vision have been set free to follow the direction of a prior homeless woman!

The picture used in this post by world famous Angela Nivens Rose (has her signature bottom right) is available for purchase at

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