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The Next Generation Being Groomed

at First Steps to Success!

First Steps to Success…

Dallas, July 14, 15, 16 – Jill Stevens pictured with DJC staff, and soon to be new FSTS Graduates!

The Hardy Family is ALL IN!  Fraser and Carol understand the power of FSTS for themselves and their children and will be featured in an upcoming post, here at

Ashley Winand, Mindy Sartin, Jason Winand, Dana Winand, & Brady Winand will be sharing their story real soon!  Tune back in and find out how FSTS has improved their lives!

World Famous, one and only, Mary Howard of DJC, as she supports combined efforts of Spencer and Alyssa Russel and Marissa Purtill.  Pre Game Talk, interviewing of the “Next Generation!”.

Sarah Wolfe was not able to attend (wishing you well Sarah!) …Dani Johnson, “Step Up, take ACTION!”  Hats off to Marissa Purtill, and Spenser and Alyssa Russell!

World Famous, Angela Nivens Rose Photography, captures a one of a kind picture of the Post Game Talk! Angela specializes in Portrait Design!  Order your photos from Angela, you will be blown away, and you can use them in blogs like this!

Be sure to read about Dianne McGuigan on a recent post.

Deanna Little is committed to Grooming her Daughter for Success!

Dani Johnson, give her a year, and you will not recognize your life!

A few additions to the Post Game Talk!

Looks like, feels like, must be FUN!

Spencer and Alyssa Russell, examples to follow! Love you both!


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