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Before coming to First Steps, I had no income and no contracts.

I was living off of a tax return and credit cards and was miserable.

I decided to take some of the tax return and invest in my education with Dani

After plugging in, I began to use the strategies and techniques that Dani teaches and have increased my income to 6 figures in the 12 months period since I started.

Thank you Michael for sharing your story!

Angela Nivens Rose  Portrait Design…

I found a relationship to God & Jesus that I had left behind when I left the church at 14, have been baptized, have read the Bible cover to cover, have conquered an addiction of 50 years, have been given two profound revelations that I have searched for 35 years. And I will be debt free in 2014.

105 people shown above, collectively paid off more than 6 Million dollars!  Average time it to pay it off? 13 months! HOW?  Dani Johnson – WAR on DEBT!

First steps to Success is in Dallas Texas, July 14, 15, 16, 2012!

Most people stop learning and investing in their skills after high school and college!  Step up, invest in your greatest asset!  YOU!  See you there! ~ Diane L McCracken

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